Garden Update!

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Considering how hands-off I’ve been this season, what with me travelling to the farm every week, our garden here at Jewel Street Paradise is faring better than expected. That being said, there is certainly room for improvement. For instance, my garlic from last fall has been a failure, between the chickens shredding them and the lack of adequate sun, they pretty much stopped growing completely. Rainbow Chard has met a similar fate but I’m still rooting for it (get it!) Everything else seems to be chugging along nicely. Few pest infestations to report, as I planted a bunch of Borage for a trap crop near the compost bin which have been attracting snails. Aphids started on the tomatoes but I’ve brushed most of them off and the plants have begun to rebound. The biggest pests in my veggie garden this year are my own rotten hens.

Here are some of the highlights so far…

(Potatoes sprouting up….will mulch with straw soon!)

steel bed.jpg
(Onions, Tomatoes and Marigolds in one of our new raised beds. Looking good!)

(Georgia Collards thriving next to Carrots.)

(Carrots in serious need of thinning!)

So tell me readers, how do your gardens grow?


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