Sign up for the Brooklyn Honey CSA is OPEN!

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Ladies and Gents! I am now opening up sign-up for the 2012 Brooklyn Honey CSA! Last year was a success and much less stressful than anticipated, so frankly I am sold on this method of distributing excess honey from my Brooklyn hives.

This year, shares will include other bee-related treats in addition to the liquid gold we all know and love:

(Photo by Alex Brown)

“Share 1 will be available in July after Spring harvest. The honey will be light and herbal. I expect to be able to harvest enough to supply a 16 oz jar of chunk honey (comb suspended in liquid honey). Also included will be a small 4 oz jar of bee pollen.

Share 2 will be available in early October and will contain a 16 oz jar of darker, late summer honey, a jar of propolis tincture (for curing colds/flu, as an alternative to neosporin) and some homemade wax tealight candles.

All honey harvested is raw and unprocessed…exactly as nature intended it to be. It’s great for natural treatment of allergies, colds, burns and wounds and tastes amazing on practically everything it touches! “

I will have full shares which include all that you see above and half shares. If you are interested, please email me and I’ll send over the application which has further details listed.



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