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Though I’m still half living out of boxes and have this perpetual feeling of confusion over which of the hundreds of tasks to tackle next, I’m trying hard to make time to post regularly. This blog has been an essential part of my life for the past 3 years and I enjoy it. Just because I don’t live in Brooklyn anymore, it doesn’t mean I’m going to stop sharing with you all. I spent 7 years in NYC sprinting uphill. My heart is still there. When I’m in town, I still feel at home. Brooklyn is still part of the story, which has grown bigger. That is all. More people, and a new state are characters in this play of mine.

This is not to say that I don’t miss aspects of city life. I miss my friends, I miss the incredible food culture. But I don’t miss how it made me feel, which is to say, bad. I was physically ill nearly every day I lived in Brooklyn. I lived very indulgently and it broke me. I didn’t post about that much but it was a thing I was dealing with privately…and it totally sucked. The feeling of your body rebelling against you is a terrible thing to go through, but I knew I could do something to change how I was feeling. Just not there. The temptation to continue on living high on the hog was too strong.

That’s one of many reasons I’m here…and frankly, I think it’s the best one. I feel like I’m in a great place to start making positive changes. It’ll be hard work turning this out-of-wack body around but I’m surrounded by knowing, caring people, good food, exercise and…well, less stress for now. Most of the improvements need to come from proactive self-improvement though, not just a change in scenery.

(We eat as a group here often and meals are full of fresh, green food and fermented goodies that aid in healthy digestion!)

Some of the things I’ve resolved to do to improve my wellbeing are:

-getting up promptly at 6 am daily (5 during the growing season)
-eating less meat, only grassfed and preferably only meat I’ve raised. grow lots of greens and eat them daily.
-use my juicer more than my coffee pot (I cannot give up my Cafe Grumpy beans yet.)
-DRINK WATER!! I do not drink enough water. Someone spank me!
-stretch in the morning, perhaps even ::GASP:: do yoga
-Hike in the woods, which are basically my backyard and hikes can double as foraging time!
-Have fun! Try to enjoy myself!


(Wheelbarrow rides: $1)

What about you, fine readers? What do you do to help yourself feel good?


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