Growing and Changing

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I don’t know who put the idea in my head. I thought that one day adulthood and all that comes with it would make sense

Hello. It’s me.

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I’ve nearly got another Upstate NY winter under my belt! It wasn’t easy, but we’ve made it through to the other side and I’m filled

The shortest summer.

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My last post was written by the wood stove, snow still on the ground. This post is being composed by a roaring stove as well,


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On a flurried Spring morning, a mountain morning cruising down the Star Route, movement caught my eye in the drainage ditch ahead. A rabbit, flailing,

Old seeds, schmold schmeeds?

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As I adjust to the realities of gardening in zone 5b (I was in zone 7b in NJ), I’ve been obsessively reassessing and tweaking my garden

New farm, new life.

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It’s been two months now since we moved onto our new farm. Our new farm. It still feels like speaking a foreign language to say

Farm. Fail. Farm Again.

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It’s been nearly two years since I’ve been compelled to share in this format. A lot has happened since my last post, but time constraints have

Join our collaborative Market CSA!

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It’s that time again…CSA enrollment for 2017 is now open! This year we will be continuing our collaboration with Harvest Moon Organic Farm and Green