Victorious Critters

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I'm happy to report that the bees made it through the storm. I had my doubts about the level of stability of the hives on

Hurricane Irene Checklist

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(photo via Telegraph UK/REUTERS/NOAA/NASA GOES Project) I'm going to feel like a massive idiot if none of these precautions end up being necessary, but

I am going to miss all of this….

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When I'm here I don't know how anyone can live any other way. Nearly everything is provided for you if you are willing to try

A New Friend from Far Away

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If you end up coming to any of the beekeeping get-togethers and events this summer and fall, you might get the chance to meet this

Introducing My Newly Named Ladies….

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Meet "Hazel"! She was named by reader Stephanie Klose! Stephanie, email me to claim your prize! Also, meet "Salad"! Named by Liz Neves bee-eff

Help Name the Buns!

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I just got back from a Rabbits 101 workshop at Cold Antler Farm and, of course, I bought the breeding set that Jenna had