A whirlwind update.

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Good morning, friends!

–Tickets for my DIY Holiday Gift Making Class are selling out! It’s this Sunday (Dec 4th) from 1-3 and it’s gonna be SUPER FUN! Get tickets before they are gone. We’ll be making delectable treats like spiced clementine marmalade and bacon pecan brittle!


–I nearly ruined Thanksgiving when I desiccated our lovely turkey because the oven at Newton Farm runs REALLY hot. It made pretty killer turkey and cranberry bean soup though, and at least the table was pretty!


–The kits have opened their eyes to the world!

–I brought a load of frost-kissed greens back from the farm and I’ll be blanching and freezing them today. Greens are at their best this time of year so buy a little extra at the farm stand and put em up so that you can enjoy their outstanding flavor all winter long!

–I spent all day yesterday on my roof playing with bees and talking about bees for a new commercial that will be airing on national teevee in the new year. I got stung in the arm but the bees were otherwise looking really good with lots of dark honey stored for the winter!

That’s about all that’s going on in my world right now. Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and you all are enjoying the tastiest leftovers! I know I am!



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