An Open Invitation

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Starting this weekend, the backyard farming activities will be in full swing and I’d like to invite any of my readers to get in touch and come lend a hand if you feel so inclined!

On April 9th, my neighbors and I will be doing a major overhaul in our backyard. Donuts and coffee will be provided and grilling will take place around lunch time. Duties will include the following:

– Building some small raised beds to replace our container herb garden.
– Tearing down one of the large raised beds and moving the soil to one of the new beds.
– Assembling our new chicken coop and run.
– Shoveling compost into bags to give to friends and adding a 2″ layer to all of the beds.
– Taking apart our old chicken coop and run and moving all of the lovely compost they made to the bin
– Planting peas (a little late, but better than never), beans, lettuces, kale.
– Transplanting chard
– Breaking up “lawn” and sifting in compost. This soil is very compacted and grass has a hard time growing in it.
– Getting hives ready for the bees to arrive!

(Our new coop, the “Chicken Villa”)

It’s a lot of work, but with enough hands we can make this day a breeze! Shoot me an e-mail if interested in coming to Greenpoint on your Saturday and getting really dirty!

Happy Spring!


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