“Butt Prombels, USA”

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Pierogi, our Polish Standard hen, has always had issues with her bum. From an early age I was cleaning pasty poo off of her tiny cloaca. Age, it seems, has not improved her.


Today I wandered outside and spied the other girls inspecting her rear and picking on her a bit. I looked, saw some blood and scooped her up quick. She had been squatting as though she were trying to pass something. I brought her inside, set her up one of those granny carts people lug groceries home in around here in NYC. Newspaper, straw, water. Ran a warm bath. Soaked her good and gently washed her little rear just like the old days. She looked as though she were feeling pretty lousy. I wrapped her up in a towel and held her for a bit. She fell asleep in my arms for a while.

She’s now closed up in my bathroom, drying off, relaxing in the dark and hopefully passing whatever is giving her a hard time. Last I checked she had perked up, pooped and was scratching around a little but I am going to keep her in there for a bit longer to make sure she’s ok.

I hope she pulls through because getting something jammed up in your poop chute seems like a really undignified way to die. Well wishes welcome.



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