Dear Santa, Help a Backyard Farmer Out.

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I quit my job in May of 2010 and since then have been teaching, consulting and writing to pay the bills. I’ve never been happier, frankly, but none of the aforementioned jobs pay very much when compared to the exorbitant cost of living in NYC and since I am “freelance”, it’s never consistent. There are fat months and very lean months. I live hand to mouth with very little cash left over for fun stuff, like things that make doing the urban homesteader thing a little easier.

So this is my plea to Santa (or any generous readers with these things lying around in good condition): If you think I’ve been good this year, help a gal out. I don’t care if the items on my list are used or new, my home (and workshops) could greatly benefit from them. And when I benefit, my readers benefit, my students benefit and my neighbors and friends benefit. I hate to be a beggar, but here goes nothing!

Meg’s Homestead Needs List:

Ball Blue Book Guide to Preserving (yup, I don’t have a copy!)
Pressure canner
Hand-crank grain mill (really any brand that is capable of grinding corn and hard winter wheat)
Grow lights
Food dehydrator
Vinegar Crocks
Cheese making supplies

Santa, if you’re out there can you lend a hard-working city farm girl a hand? Or, if any of my readers feel inclined, donate to the farm by clicking on the about page and I can just get these things on my own.



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