First Honeysuckle Rosies Beekeeping Gab-N-Guzzle!

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Come on out, all you beekeepers and wanna-bees!

The Honeysuckle Rosies Beekeeping Social Club be congregating at the BACK BAR of The Bedford (on Bedford and N 11th) on Tuesday, April 19th for some drinks and bee-talk. This will be a great opportunity for beekeepers in the area to share experiences from the past season and share what they are planning for this current season.

The Bedford has graciously allowed for us to gather at their fine establishment where they serve really great food and outstanding drinks at a reasonable price.

Check out our invite on Facebook to let us know you plan to come! Hope to see many of you then!

(WHO DESIGNED THIS WONDERFUL THING!?!? Tell me so I can give them credit and beg them to make a t-shirt for me with this drunk-ass bee on it!)


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