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In my small town, we are lucky enough to own a rather large lot, with mature trees and shrubs, a thornless raspberry patch, a gazillion tulips, daffoldils, lily of the valley, and tonnes of other ornamentals. We also have a lovely hedge which gives us plenty of privacy, but doesn’t keep neighbourhood cats out. And if you’ve ever had a sandbox, or had anything remotely resembling loose soil in your yard, you’ll know that the second a speck of soil is disturbed, the cats’ spidey senses activate and they come running to use it for a litter box. This was annoying before we had kids, but now that I want my sons to be free to plant and dig and grow things with my husband and I, I really don’t want the cats around.

So tonight, since i know that some of you must be in the same boat, I have a quick tip for you that I’ve found very helpful in my little town garden.

raspberry canes.jpg

When we thin the raspberry canes in the Spring (cutting the ones that fruited last summer) we lay the canes on top of our freshly amended raised beds. Rain and sun can get through to the soil (and seeds when they’re planted), but cats will steer clear. Our raspberries are thornless, but I can only see this working better if they have thorns! Any other branches or twigs found around the yard would work, too.

Good luck!

I’m Sherrie Graham, an urban homesteader of sorts in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. I’m a mother, teacher, and soapmaker, and I blog about it all at Twenty-Two Pleasant.


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