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From my dear friend Sam Comfort of Anarchy Apiaries:

Don’t Beemoan the Past! Beehold the Future!

Remember simpler times and simpler bees? Remember the time when you could step outside, past the baby goats, and return with a bright honeycomb for breakfast? Was that yesterday?

The Beekeepers Association of Northern Dutchess (BAND) does not beegrudge or beelittle. We just Bee.
Check it out as we kick off the season with an open Beetalk Session at the Tivoli Town Hall Gazebo or thereabouts, Tuesday May 24, 7 PM.
Nothing runs like a Hive.

That’s all free, as well as are upcoming field days and potluck-type gatherings in the bee yard.
Beefore all that,
-for those who only feel validated to steal honey from bees after they’ve PAID for a course:


Anarchy Apiaries is proud to announce the first ever BEEKEEPING BOOTCAMP, A three day beekeeping intensive based in Germantown, NY

This Friday – Sunday, May 20-22.

This event is designed for established beeks, exploring more advanced beekeeping tactics, but also accommodates newbees and provides a lot of hands-on experience.
Some potential topics: making splits, rating hive health, using natural and grafted queen cells, grafting, caging and introducing queens, shaking package bees, alternative hive designs (top bar hives, Warre-type hives, skeps, gums, etc) and building these boxes, bait hives, harvesting hive products, wintering, becoming sustainable in your beekeeping operation, and bee songs around the campfire.
Price is $120 per person, sliding scale, to just cover costs, liability, food from Fog and Thistle Farm. Limited to about 15 people. It’s informal. It’s intensive. We’re not Bugging out over it. We are bringing the Means of Production back to the beekeepers. Two dinners will be served and camping is encouraged. (Local hotels in Hudson and such are available.) More details are coming as I find time to explain them. Did I mention INTENSIVE? Visiting several beeyards and other local beekeepers, there will be exposure to climatic conditions, ticks, poison ivy, and of course, bee stings. What’s worth more than that?!
If interested please sign up early by emailing anarchyapiaries @

Live Bee or Die,



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