It is done.

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This morning we woke before sunrise and dispatched Sal’s litter. We let them run around freely in the cool morning air for a while before we thanked them and harvested their bodies. They were beautiful creatures and they met their end at the hands of the people who loved and valued them. I’m happy to report that everything went swiftly and smoothly and now my freezer is full. I’ll spare everyone the details and pictures. It was a pretty personal experience, raising an animal from a baby and then converting it into food…one I think any meat-eater should experience for themselves. I look forward to honoring them in the kitchen.

After we cleaned up, we had drinks nearby and toasted to their little spirits.

(Tequila Sunrises in honor of the rabbits.)

The rest of the gang will be moved upstate this week for a few months while I work out plans to move to a new farm nearby. This is big news. I’ll have space to grow food on a larger scale. I’ll be able to raise goats and pigs and a larger flock of hens in addition to rabbits. I’ll still be close enough to the city to continue teaching classes weekly. Actually, I should get into the habit of saying “we” because Neil, my devoted boyfriend, will be participating in this endeavor as well. He’s been a tremendous support and we’ll be taking this voyage together. We will be farmers. It is what I’ve always wanted and now it’s happening.



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