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Forgive me for not posting for a bit. It’s been a rollercoaster of a week. The boyfriend headed to Los Angeles to spend time with friends and get a break. I could not go with because of obligations here in NYC. Things fell apart shortly after he left (wah!) but I’m holding it together.

This week succeeded in bringing the big baby out of me. No sooner than I dropped my partner-in-crime off at the airport, my car totally crapped out on me. Exhaust issues, apparently? I don’t know. Cars are a mystery to me, I am ashamed to admit. I managed to get it to a mechanic at the cost of many stares from Brooklynites undoubtedly questioning why anyone would be driving a car that was that effed up (and an eyesore to boot). The car was a very cheap investment so that I could get my beekeeping gear to and from various apiary sites and get to the farm during the week. So far it’s been working out, but I’ve only had the clunker for 2 months so you can imagine that I wasn’t prepared to sink a bunch of money into this thing so soon. I’m bummed out about that. Really bummed.

A little secret about me: I don’t handle stress well. I get really flustered and emotional when I feel like I don’t have control over every detail of my life. So between this, stressing out about writing this book, neighbor issues and being alone for a while, I felt especially out of sorts and needed a good cry fest to blow off steam…wouldn’t really call it a breakdown. Only sissies have breakdowns and I’m not one of those, goddamn it! Nerves of steel, nerves of STEEL! Anyway, I had a good cry to my mommy and felt a lot better after.

The car eventually got fixed and the boyfriend did a great job of being supportive from the other side of the country so everything is cool for now. The neighbor issues seem to have simmered down so I don’t have that bearing down on me at the moment. I’m broke, but it’s fine. “Money comes easily and frequently” as my landlord Katrina often reminds me. Hitching a ride to Newton Farm today to spend the rest of the week/weekend mucking out barns, planting, writing, grading vegetable gardening quizzes, and hopefully spending some time with my favorite beekeeping friend in the Hudson Valley. It should be fun. Working without distraction will be a good way to shake off this week’s funk.

Another note on the positive side of things: LOOK AT THIS FREAKING WARRE HIVE THAT I GET TO PUT BEES IN! The beautiful, wonderful men over at Daskam & Dworkis are making hives and I get to test out one of their first Warre prototypes. These are made of Walnut and I’m totally swooning over them. Would you just LOOK at them? They are works of art! Very much looking forward to posting videos of Warre-related bee stuff!


Until next week!
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