Monday, October 10th–I’m Talking Urban Bees at Pete’s Candy Store!

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Hey there, Readers!

I’ve got a really fun, free talk coming up this Monday at Pete’s Candy Store as part of Open City Dialogue. I’ve been attending these talks for the past year or so and they are really fun and often tremendously interesting (my personal favorite past talks have been on the topics of ghost hunting, rugby, and pigeon racing). I’ve been asked to come pontificate about the joys and challenges of beekeeping in New York City. Pete’s has 2-for-1 happy hour too so you KNOW I’ll be having a beerski (or two).

Here’s the write up from the OCD website:

“Open City Dialogue (OCD) is a bi-monthly lecture series unraveling on alternating Mondays in the backroom of Pete’s. Short (35-40 minute) lectures are woven together from the common thread of people’s obsessions, with guests coming from all over Greater New York. Whether academic or crackpot; celebrated or unsung, our lecturers all have something to tell you…
Lectures are on Mondays at 7:30pm

(Photo by Neil Despres)

October 10
QUEEN BEE: Big Apple Apiculture w/Megan Paska

Brooklyn is all abuzz–with the propolis-pounding pitch of bees. On rooftops throughout the borough, humankind’s smallest domesticated species is making a profound comeback–in lockstep with a burgeoning rooftop farming movement. The juggernaut has even stung the city last year, forcing the council to reverse a Giuliani-era ban on urban beekeeping. Join Brooklyn’s Megan Paska for a brief history and overview of this honeyed tale, complete with an indoor bee-fondling session.

Megan Paska is a Brooklyn transplant by way Baltimore. Her passion for urban gardening and beekeeping finds expression both in an active apiculture profession–she supplies bees to Greenpoint’s Eagle Street Rooftop Farm and BK Farmyards, and restaurants such as Batali & Bastianich Hospitality Group–and in her urban gardening resource, BROOKLYNHOMESTEADER.COM. She teaches apiculture workshops and more all over the city. Most recently, she was a feature speaker at the first annual NYC Honey Festival. By the way: she’s also a damn good mushroomer.”

While the “mushroomer” thing is pretty far from the truth (I’m a total novice), this is going to be fun and I hope many of you can make it!


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