Some delectable things in my life as of late

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Things aren’t all strife and anguish over here at the farm. There is progress being made and land being enjoyed. There is no salve quite as soothing as good food, especially if it’s derived from your own hands, or the hands of those close to you. Here are some of the beautiful edible things I’ve been reveling in this week.


I’ve been on a major fermentation kick this month. I’ve made 3 different types of sauerkraut (red, curry, and traditional white cabbage) kombucha and hot sauce. I can’t get enough fermented goodness!


The persimmon tree along side of the cottage has been dropping fruits everywhere. I found a ton of them in the bed of the pickup yesterday. I’m trying to decide what to do with them, but I may just end up roasting them or making a syrup for cocktails. What would you make with them?


A neighbor and avid hunter came by to drop off the log splitter for the felled maple on the property and when I mentioned I had lots of eggs from my hens (he used to have a small flock of Rhose Island Reds before the foxes got ’em) he offered to trade me some venison for a dozen and a half of our blue, green and brown eggs. He left, and a while later returned with about 10 lbs of venison steaks, bacon, and ground meat from a doe he bagged here on the property last year. With this special delivery came promise of more in the future after this hunting season, which promises to be a good one, especially with all of the deer activity I’m seeing around these parts. I love a good trade.


Over in veggie-land, just when I thought my watermelon radishes were a flop….surprise! A nice little harvest with plenty in the ground to last a bit.


We made this spicy, sassy salad out of zippy Osaka Purple mustards, cherry tomatoes and the watermelon radishes from the garden and dressed it up with toasted pepitas, red baron onion, fresh sweet corn and butternut squash seed oil. It was one punchy salad, and it looked amazing! Who said salads have to be boring!


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