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My sincerest apologies, dear readers. I’ve been a very bad blogger. I can explain though, really. It’s been a fairly crappy couple of weeks and my head was just elsewhere. And it just kept getting worse as the days passed. I won’t complain, I won’t fish for sympathy, but as a fan of lists I am going to make one to exorcise the demons of the past 20 some days since I’ve posted an entry and then I’ll spend some time “keeping on the sunny side” so to speak, to keep things balanced. This is a venting post. If you don’t like it, please click away from the page.

Here goes….Things that went down that nearly made my rip my own face off:

-Car broke down, again. (Mother Trucker!)
-Nasty, blinding stye in my eye for a week. ;(
-Cat got tremendously sick, cost thousands of dollars and will have to be fed every two hours from a tube for the next month.
-Car got towed for no apparent reason. (ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?!)
-Currently scrambling to figure out how to transport nucs to the farm and to a client in Port Chester to little avail.
-Had to cry to my mommy for moral support. (How old am I? Couldn’t possibly be 30.)

(Poor baby cat. Myra in the hospital kennel where she spent 4 days above a barking Rottweiler)

Things that make me feel a little less homicidal:

-I’ve got great friends and am connected to people who are always willing to help me in unexpected ways when I need it.
-I got a new computer so I can get pumped on writing this book.
-My cat WILL get better with time and care.
-Farming, removing my head from the equation in yet another way
-My bees will all be here and in their hives after this weekend so I can stop stressing.
-I’ve got a boyfriend who is the kind of guy that all men should endeavor to be like. He’s kept me in one piece all of this time. I couldn’t do all of this without him.
-The garden is coming up really nicely. I’ll be harvesting pea shoots and radishes next week. Waiting on two new beds to put the potatoes in but that too will happen sooner or later. I’ll try not to fret over it. It’ll get taken care of. It always does, eventually.

(Get in my belly already!)


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