My Weekly Homesteading +/- Update

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I’ve been pretty terrible at giving updates that make any sense so far this spring. It’s hard to find the time to sit down and put it all into words, so I figure I’ll just start giving abridged versions of my week just so my readers know I’m not just sitting around on my duff all day!

This week was my birthday week, but it didn’t really feel much like it.

I’ll start with the baddies first:


Noodle, on of my Rhode Island Red hens has been very slowly dying over the past few days (I thought she was a goner but she keeps hanging on) and I can’t muster the nerve to end her suffering. If it was any other bird….I’ve been giving her water and food and aspirin and have her separated in a warm dark place but there’s nothing else to be done.

The bee gigs I thought I had passed onto someone to take care of were not, so now my schedule is stretched a bit thin all summer long. On the bright side, the folks I’m working with are really great so it’s hard to mind too much and come July things will be a little more flexible as a pack boxes for the move.

(Stoopid cabbage worms! I hate you!)

The bugs in the garden are pretty bad this year. I’ve been ruthlessly squishing aphids, cutworms, cabbage worms and cucumber beetles all week, in an attempt to resist spraying anything that might injure the bees.

(Photo from Nicole Franzen/LaBuenaVida Instagram)

We’re in the last month of our 3 month stint at Hayseed’s Big City Farm Supply. We’ll be having a sale soon, but you should come get yr stuff while the getting is good!

The goodies:


+ We’re having a seed and seedling swap this Saturday at Hayseed’s! Bring your extra seedlings, leftover seeds and something to drink and we’ll hang in the garden and do the old fashioned switcheroo!

+ I went to the beach for my birthday and I ate this beautiful pile of food:


+ For my actual birthday party this Sunday, we’ll be doing this:


+ So many friends have donated to our Kickstarter so far , but we have a LOOOONG way to go. I hate pester folks, but if you want to see us succeed, reposting alone is not enough (though it is greatly appreciated). Please donate anything you can! No amount is too small!

+ We’re getting Maremmas for the farm to guard the chickens! Anand Raghoo from Raghoo Farms is helping us out! He keeps Maremmas on his flocks and they do a bang-up job of keeping predators away.

Lookit how cute they are when they are young and guarding Alpacas!

(Photo courtesy of

+ The clock is ticking. We’ll be living by the shore in less than two months!

(Photo from Seven Arrows FB page)

+ I’ll be working with a really great community youth project in Yonkers this summer, teaching young folks how to be the best gardeners and eaters they can be! Can’t wait to share more news on that as it all becomes finalized!



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