Yet another dose of reality.

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Real talk.

Starting a farm is damn hard, and not for the reasons that you think. You plan and plan and if you are foolish like me, you nearly convince yourself that the whole thing is bulletproof. But it’s the little surprises that get you. Animals, even domestic ones, by nature can be unpredictable, well…the one thing I can predict with some certainty now is injuries. There will be sickness, especially with animals spending any time outdoors. And it’s expensive to have professionals take care of the problems when they arise.

We had a double dose of critter chaos today. Both Peach and and Huxley, my 11 year old purrfect feline pal, had to be taken to the vet in a pinch. Peach, having learned nothing after the last tussle, scrapped with Stevie again and lost. The end result was a nasty cut on her arm that needed stitches. Huxley got very ill quite suddenly and we needed to act fast to avoid losing him. His condition is still uncertain, but I know that his kidneys are not functioning properly and the vets are focusing their attention there. It’s all murky. Tests are still being run. I’m frightened though. I love him more than nearly anything (I don’t post much about him, oddly enough) so if anything happens to him, I’ll be crushed. He’s been a true friend through many rough times.

(Huxley on the lower left, Myra and Neil napping this week)

Peach came home this evening. My friend Ryan, who has staying at Seven Arrows to help with outbuilding construction, accompanied me to bring her home. She cuddled with us both in the cab of the pick-up, seeming quite glad to be in the company of her people. She’s got to wear one of those dreadful cones to keep her from picking at the 5 staples in her arm and is separated from her sister for now. They will both need to be fixed in the hopes to calm them and we will continue to work with them together. We are hoping after a very clear loss (Peach has been showing submissive behavior since), they will have fewer fights, but we are not taking any chances.

peach vet.jpeg

It’s only Monday. I am exhausted, money is becoming increasingly scarce, but I am trying to remain hopeful.


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