A New Kid in Brooklyn!

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There’s a great to place for Brooklynites far and wide to support the thriving and vibrant community of entrepreneurs we’ve got running things around this bustling borough. Dara Furlow, a chef, mother and all-around ballsy risk-taker created With Love, From Brooklyn, an e-commerce site dedicated to all things Brooklyn. Much like a mother hen and her chicks, Dara strives to help our local businesses thrive by bundling them in a way that gives the shoppers a sense of context but also creates well thought out gift options for those who want to keep it strictly Brooklyn-based.

Of course, I had to be involved! I contributed a curated selection of some of my favorite local goods. From rooftop grown honey and hot sauce to jams made from bootstrappin’ badasses here in my neighborhood of Greenpoint, this selection celebrates seasonality, camaraderie and the urge to step to the beat of your own drum. To me that’s what living here is all about!

locally grown selection.jpg

When you browse around the website. It’s helpful to keep in mind that most of the goods you are seeing are made by people that mostly know one another, sometimes collaborate and have even lent a helping hand in growing each others businesses at one point or another…so you’re not just seeing Brooklyn pitched as a buzz word to get your dollars. It’s a real thing. Community, connection. Brooklyn is more than just a place. It’s a state of mind! Those of you who live here can attest. It’s one of many reasons I think Brooklyn might just be the best place on Earth!

So yeah, go shop at Dara’s site and support small business and community growth!




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