A September photo update from the Homestead!

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It’s been a busy time, everybody! We’re getting prepped for outbuilding construction next week. It’ll be a mad dash to get everything built over the next couple weeks. Goats come at the end of the month! All of the critters need proper lodging before the temperatures drop. So it goes. Time to get’r done!

Here are some snapshots from the past week, which has been pretty glorious.

(We’ve been getting so many eggs from our layers that we often have to give them away! Not quite ready for selling just yet.)

(Been harvesting some of flowers and greens from the garden as of late. This is my kind of bouquet!)

(There is a certain satisfaction that comes from being able to stack a couple dozen 70 lb bales of straw and hay when you’re only about 5’5″ and fresh from the city.)

(Made an outdoor nursery for the chicks and ducklings to move into after their initial stint indoors)


(The babies arrived! We’re smitten with the ducklings, who love splashing and blowing bubbles in the waterer. They sure are messy though!)



(Still finding at least one huge Chicken every day in the woods behind the farm. I’ve recently taken to making mock Chick-Fil-A sandwiches with them (because they won’t ever get another cent from me, the bigots!) by breading the mushrooms in a paprika and sriracha mixture and frying them in my cast iron. Add a toasted buttery potato roll, dill pickles slices and some salty chips and boy howdy is dinner freakin’ served!)


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