A Straightforward Bread Baking Challenge

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You’ll hear me repeat this every so often, but here it goes again: I’m cheap. Mostly out of necessity because it’s so darned expensive to live in NYC and if you aren’t careful about spending you could end up broke as a joke. Even things like groceries, which most folks who dine out frequently opt to buy as a way to save money, are vastly more expensive here than in other places. Oftentimes it can be cheaper to eat low-quality takeout than cooking homemade meals. Obviously, that is not a habit that interests me. Practicing frugality in the city is a learning process and I want to get as close to perfecting it as I can.

One of the first two rules I’ve learned in regards to feeding yourself on the cheaps are as follows:

1. Buy staples such as dry goods (flour, beans, grains) in large quantities and store them in airtight containers in the pantry.

2. Bake instead of buying. I.e. bread, cereal, cookies etc. They taste better homemade, can be better for you (fewer or no additives and preservatives) and are less expensive because most of the time you’ll have the materials on hand to whip any of them up on a whim.

**So with that in mind I decided that this fall/winter I’d challenge myself to bake a minimum of one loaf of bread a week. **


The rules for this winter long challenge are as follows:

-Once a week I will make a loaf of bread.

-I will post the recipe and any modifications I may have made.

-I will share pictures or video of said bread. (Rhyming is fun.)

-I will eat and enjoy the bread and do solemnly swear to not waste any of it. I’ll find creative ways to use the stale bits (if there are any) before offering them to the chickens or worms.

I encourage any of my readers/bloggy friends to do the same and post about their experiences. If you don’t have a blog, tweet about it using the hashtag #breadchallenge.

First post coming later this week!



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