A Weekend in the Catskills

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Happy Monday, folks!

I’m back in Brooklyn after I took a much needed trip to the Catskills this weekend… Neil and I snapped a few pics of the times. It was the first time I was able to go up to the farm and just enjoy being there by the wood stove eating and reading with no pressure to do field work. The frost has killed off all but the hardiest brassicas so there was only light work to be done anyway.

Here are some I took with Instagram, though Neil and my friend Tom have more integrity and took some with a real camera. I’ll share those once the film (yes, film) is developed.

(Mulching rows of garlic on Newton Farm)

(Winterizing the farm bees, part 1)

(My handsome boyfriend, post firewood stacking.)

(My friends Tom & Kira picking some collards with Cooper, the best dog in the whole world.)

(We ate well: Apple cider braised pork shoulder with pan jus, black-eyed peas, collards and bacon, pan roasted root veggies. We made a stew with the leftovers the next day)


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