Baltimore: A Weekend in Pictures

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Last weekend the boyfriend and I ventured down to my hometown of Baltimore, MD to visit my mother who just celebrated her birthday. While we were down there I hoped to check out some of what’s going on in the local food scene. The farmer’s markets have always been great but I had been reading recently about some of the urban farms, backyard chickeners and beekeepers making the waves down there.

I didn’t get to delve in as deeply as I would have liked, being as I was only there for a day and a half, but I’d like to share some of the highlights from my trip….

(Reading about Appalachian bee gums in the Foxfire series before breakfast of biscuits and homemade sausage gravy and locally roasted coffee at Clementine in Hamilton)

(Stopped by the Baltimore Free Farm which popped up in my old neighborhood of Hampden. Nice guys with BIG ideas!)

(Backyard hens. Kept in a secret location pending permit approval. Made entirely from salvaged material!)

(Pretty ladies. Almost ready to start laying eggs!)


(A fantastic seasonal meal at Woodberry Kitchen: Mint juleps, Ladyfinger popcorn with fresh butter, homemade cornbread and honey from an Ellicott City apiary, pork ribs with fennel slaw, peach and watermelon radish salad, lump crab cakes…it was all so awesome!)

(Last but certainly not least, I got a tattoo of a bee on my arm. Done by my friend Bill Stevenson at the Baltimore Tattoo Museum!)

I had such a fun visit. I can’t wait to go back soon to check out some of the other great urban farms giving the people of Baltimore some much deserved public green spaces and access to clean, wholesome food. If you live in Baltimore, make sure to show these organizations and businesses your support.


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