Do you have what we need?

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This is a wish list post. I have been gearing up for the 2015 growing season and it occurred to me that we need some things. Since we do things on a shoestring around here, I figured I’d put it out there that we need some of these items on the cheap. If any of you fine folks out there have any of this stuff lying around and either want to rid yourself of it or want to make a few bucks by selling it at a fair price, please do get in touch. Not really looking for handouts, just to save a buck and have what we need to streamline our veg and new market operation this year.

Thanks for looking!

– an 8×10 or larger cargo trailer with no windows (will be insulating and adding a coolbot to keep veg in this summer

-an old, clean two sided utility sink and stand for hooking  hose to and washing veg

-old stakes and trellising materials


-old cultivator tools like bow rakes and hoes

-fish tubs (they are the containers fish are delivered to restaurants in. Very good for starting seedlings in)

-old bales of straw or hay

-clean top soil that has been tested for contaminants

-baskets and wooden crates

-an 8 foot folding table

-a 10×10 events tent

-bulb flats from nurseries



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