Getting Back Into Brewing…Finally.

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The number of home brewing posts on this blog (or lack thereof) is shameful. But I have a confession to make–I haven’t brewed beer in a while. And when I did, I was a dabbler. I went to homebrewer’s association meetings and events but you wouldn’t find me posting on the Beer Advocate about all-grain clones or how to make a kegerator but I’ve made a few batches of easy Ales and that was it as far as my experience went.

I moved to Brooklyn and realized that I wouldn’t have the space for storing carboys so I just let the hobby fall to the wayside. It never advanced beyond that. When I think of all of the beer I’ve consumed that someone else made, I feel the sting of failure quite clearly.

Recently, things have changed. I’ve got friends who love brewing and have all of the gear for it and a boyfriend with an encouraging desire to learn. I’m back on the home brew train again. Only this time, I’m rolling with some serious beer nerds so I’ll be forced to expand my very basic working knowledge of the craft. I’m really looking forward to it.

First, we’ve got Jerry, who the folks that attended my Backyard Farming Bootcamp got to brew a batch of Edmund Fitzgerald Porter with in between lessons in lotion making and chicken handling. He’s been brewing for some time and has a very relaxed approach to it. He’s like one of those people who throws a bunch of stuff in a pot without measuring and it comes out delicious. He knows the rules and so he can break ’em with some level of comfort.

(Jerry bottling some home brewed porter)

Then there is Tom (insert Tom & Jerry jokes here) who is probably more enthusiastic about beer than anyone I know. He’s a more regimented and organized brew dude. He also has strong opinions, which is a quality I value.

Neil, the loving and loyal boyfriend, has a nice big sponge-like brain and is good at babysitting bubbling carboys, wiping the explosions off of the ceiling (he’s tall). He’s going to be the sanitation expert, I can already tell. He can often be found vigorously scrubbing all of the gear in the bathtub after a day long session.

Me, well…I think I’ll probably spend most of the time documenting the affair, asking questions and sampling. Maybe participating in the brainstorming and providing ingredients like honey and flavoring elements. I most recently provided some Newton Farm heirloom squash for a batch of Amber Ale with Kabocha and Buttercup and honey for bottling the EF Porter.

It’ll be a group effort which always makes it more fun. We’ve got two batches in this month, and I’m hoping to get two batches started each month through the chilly months.

So, bear with me folks. The home brewing posts are coming. It’s getting cold out and my cozy kitchen is perfect for brewing and hanging so I have a feeling you all are going to be in for some drunken beer posts all winter long.


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