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After what felt like a brief and precipitous winter, we’ve leapt headlong into spring and our second year hives have been working hard for several weeks. This year we added a few more apiaries in conjunction with some great organizations. BK Farmyards, Eagle Street Rooftop Farms, and Eco Brooklyn are all hosting Honeybees this Spring and it seems that they couldn’t be more excited about it. (Especially considering no one is breaking any laws by keeping them in NYC!)

We’ve spent the past few months assembling hive bodies and frames in preparation of the arrival of our package bees. The day they arrived was wet, cold and altogether unpleasant to work in, but the ladies needed to be put into their new homes immediately so we got down to business, hiving about 10 new colonies in the damp cold. Some stings ensued but I am happy to report that all of the new colonies are building out quickly and the queens are laying eggs like gangbusters! So far, so good…we could have a bountiful harvest this season if the weather co-operates!

For those of you anxiously awaiting honey, we expect that we will make our first harvest in mid to late June. Do not fear, we will notify you all promptly. Brooklynites will be able to purchase honey at the Brooklyn Standard Deli in Greenpoint and at Whisk on Bedford Ave. in Williamsburg. As always, you can also purchase through our website.


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