Hurricane Irene Checklist

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(photo via Telegraph UK/REUTERS/NOAA/NASA GOES Project)

I’m going to feel like a massive idiot if none of these precautions end up being necessary, but I can’t risk losing any critters over the need to thumb my nose at hysterical people.

So, today I’ve got a fair amount of simple prepping to do. No “end of days” type stuff coming from me. Just the basics.

-Pack coop with clean dry straw and cover and secure vulnerable areas with tarp to keep the ladies dry.
-Set up crate indoors in case they need to be brought in.
-Fill up growlers with water to last a couple of days
-Tie up plants and bring in anything that might get blown away in the back yard.
-Set up cooler and buy a couple bags of ice in case we lose electricity.
-Matches & candles & flashlights
-Full tank of gas if we need to head up to the farm (evacuations are a long shot, but we are in a flood zone so you never know)
-Planned reading
-Charge everything!
-Secure hives with cinder blocks and straps.
-Remove water source for bees from roof
-Make sure all my bee yards away from home are doing the same.

Here’s to hoping everyone in the media is just being hyper-sensitive after our little random earthquake and everyone is kept safe. Good luck, everyone!


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