I’m an Urban Homesteader!

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If you are reading this right now, you’ve probably gathered as much. I live in Brooklyn, grow vegetables, fruits, keep bees on my rooftop and raise a small flock of hens for eggs. I compost, grow mushrooms, make pickles and can, organize meat shares from local farms with my neighbors and food swaps with my community members. It’s a way of life that places emphasis on self-reliance but more importantly it exemplifies a true sense of community and the spirit of generosity.

There is a family in California who apparently doesn’t see that side of the movement and has trademarked the terms “Urban Homesteading”, “Urban Homestead” and “Freedom Gardens” among others. Boy, howdy are urban gardeners, livestock enthusiasts, beekeepers, home-cooks and farmers across the land PISSED! Letters similar to “cease & desist” have been circulated to organizations, bloggers and writers forcing them to remove those terms from their work and have even suggested alternative nomenclature (Ballsy!). A simple google search might help you locate it. It’s shocking and sad and negates all of the good work this family has done.

If this seems ridiculous to you and you want to find ways to fight this trademark, join the Facebook page Take Back Urban Home-steading.

I also encourage folks that are moved to act against these trademarks to do so in a mature and constructive matter. Name-calling, shit-slinging and threats are unnecessary so just don’t do it.


That being said, let’s take it back! “Urban Homesteading” for ALL!

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