It starts.

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Hey, folks! Well, it’s beginning. We’re hunkered down for Sandy but we’re already seeing telltale signs of how serious this storm may end up being for everyone in the region.


Stevie is bedded down in the chicken coop. Everyone with a triple serving of food and water. Peach is bedded with the goats, same story. Rabbits are on their own in the rabbitry. I’m particularly concerned for the farm critters, but we’ve done all we can to prepare, and now we have to wait.


It looks like the worst we can expect are some downed trees and flooding in the lowermost parts of the property, along the river. We’re already seeing some flooding in the orchard, and the dock is already submerged. Let’s hope those shiny new outbuildings can take a bit of a beating.

Keep us in your thoughts! Hope all of our friends out there are safe and cozy!



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