It’s the Tiiiiimmme of the Seaaaassson for SUNNNN TEAAAA!

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Can I get a heck yeah?

When it’s so hot that I feel as though I’m living in someone’s sweaty jock strap, the only thing that seems to quench my thirst is an iced tea. I do not have air conditioning in my apartment (Wanna pay my Con-Ed bill? Didn’t think so.) so the last thing I want to do is brew in the conventional way. In an act of rebellion, I pulled out some of my larger (between 2 and 3 qt) canning jars, filled them with clear, cool water and dropped 4 tea bags in each. I use a combination of green and orange pekoe. Nothing fancy, just generic brands I get at Whole Foods. It makes for a light brew with a little bit of caffeinated punch to it. You can tailor make any sort of tea you like. Try mixing in Hibiscus flowers with mint tea bags or Earl Grey (which tastes AMAZING cold with a wedge of orange) Screw the caps on tight, drop em in a sunny spot, and in just a few hours you have a pretty nicely brewed stash of sun tea.

Once you remove the bags, you can sweeten to taste (I use honey, obviously) but you can add some sprigs of mint, thyme or anise hyssop before throwing them in the fridge, resulting in a brisk, refreshing herbal remedy to Hot-as-balls-itis.

Enjoy, friends!



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