Johnny-Come-Lately Post: Goals for 2011

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I’m going to just come out and say it: I don’t believe in “resolutions”. Most of the time a resolution is nothing more than a goal that you didn’t care enough about to reach the year previously. If I really cared about losing 10 lbs or learning to play chess, I wouldn’t wait around for the rigidity and high rate of failure that comes with a New Years Resolution. That is just me, though. If I want to do something, I do it. I don’t need a new year to motivate me to get’r dun.

That being said, I feel really good about last year. Individual progress had been made in leaps and bounds. I’ve become better at a lot of things, made a great number of truly wonderful friends and acquaintances, failed at some things but LEARNED A LOT in the process. I took a big risk quitting my well-paying and secure job during a recession and found that “money comes easily and frequently” if you are willing to work smart, improvise and hustle a little.

The focus of 2011 for me will be in building on what I’ve already got going, keeping up the momentum. At first I thought that making money would be more beneficial and wise goal, but I’ve realized in recent months that if I make profits the impetus for hard work, my heart suffers for it. Not to say that being fiscally solvent is not something I desire. I do desire it. But I also know one thing about myself that is true above all things: I am resilient and resourceful. If I need money, I’ll find a way to get it. But now, I will focus on becoming the person I dream of being. As you can see below, my goals all follow the progress I’ve been making and direction that I’ve already been heading.

For 2011 I will:

-Become more consistent about documenting my gardening and beekeeping. I fall short on this and I know it

-Learn how to grow vegetables in a production setting. (Which I will be doing starting in March!)

-Create the most bangin’ home office so I can write my book in relative comfort.

-Raise and slaughter some chickens and rabbits and make something delicious with them so as to honor their sacrifice properly.

-Develop my skills as an instructor and continue to inspire anyone and everyone to take up growing food in whatever capacity they can!

-Get massages as often as needed and brush my teeth before bed EVERY night.

Happy New Year, everyone!

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