Local Love: MilkMade Jewelry

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This weekend I managed to run into an old beekeeping acquaintance named Deb Romano who is based further south from me in Brooklyn. She and her son Mike offered me two 4 week old chickens to add to my flock, which I happily accepted. When I went by to pick them up I got the grand tour of their wonderful Park Slope home. I was most impressed by their beautiful garden, lush and brimming over with sweet blooms and tender greens ready to be harvested. Deb has quite a gift with growing things…I shrunk a little when I thought of my own home garden and how neglected it has become.

Anyway, as we were talking bees, Deb led me indoors out of the heat to offer me a gift of something she had been making for some time, milk bottle cap earrings. They are just too fantastic for me not to share. I love that these are so distinctive and farmy but really lightweight and versatile. I wore them all day in my overalls and a ratty old t-shirt but managed to feel surprisingly cute in spite of the film of funk clinging to me.


You can view more styles on her Etsy page. She’s got an amazing collection so all you dairy enthusiasts and antique collector-types out there have look and support!




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