Dang, Y’all! Managing Your Own Sh*t is Hard!

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You may have picked up on the fact that I’m a little wigged out and stressed based on a previous posting. To better articulate why I’m feeling so mentally spastic, let me make a list of the things I need to be doing over the next 6 weeks:

-Teaching two certificate courses and 2 continuing ed courses on gardening/beekeeping. (8-3 hour classes total)

-Writing a 1500 word article on beekeeping.

-Moving into a new apartment. (in the same building, but whatever! It’s still uprooting all of my stuff)

-Getting rolling on my book. I’ve got 250 pages to write before November.

-Painting and starter stripping 4 beehives (24 supers and 240 frames)

-Hiving 4 packages of bees and photographing all of it.

-Hiving 4 more packages of bees in two locations outside of NYC (Westkill and Portchester).

-Planning my garden for this season. I’ve only just now ordered a few packets of seeds and started nothing (fortunately a kind farmer in Phoenecia is starting my tomatoes for me… so I could be doing worse)

-Rebuiding the chicken run (It’s basically falling apart and the girls need more space) and mucking the old space out.

-Tearing down one of the janky old raised beds in the backyard and building new ones.

– All of the normal day to day stuff like doing laundry, eating, cleaning my house, hugging my boyfriend, sleeping.

Now, I’m really struggling with the management of all of this stuff. Working for yourself requires a whole new level of organization and focus. On one hand I’m really flustered that I’ve got so much to do and can’t figure out how to get it all accomplished fast enough. On the other, I’m just really grateful that I am doing the things I WANT to do for a living and not the things I HAVE to do to get by. It’s a struggle, but one I’m glad to be working through.

I’ve been using my Google Calender a lot and making lists, but I’m struggling to find other ways to get more than one thing done at a time. Organization has never really been something I excel at.

Any suggestions, readers? Lay ’em on me!

(I know, it’s not January but look! This lady has a beehive in her office!)



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