Online Beekeeping 101 Returns! (9/23)

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Back by popular demand…my online beekeeping workshop: LIVE!


Are you a city dweller longing to connect with nature? Do you love eating local food and supporting the local food movement? We’ll, consider beekeeping as a way to do both!

This 3 session, 8 hour presentation (Each Sunday, starting 9/23 at 1 p.m.) will cover the basics of urban and suburban beekeeping, honeybee anatomy and hierarchy, types of hives, how to acquire bees, how to start and maintain your colony utilizing low impact methods, honey harvesting and winter management.

We will focus on natural and passive treatment options, though there will be some discussion about other management practices and the pros and cons associated with them.

Class attendees will be able to watch videos of bees in action, watch inspections being performed and techniques demonstrated visually to help boost their confidence when handling bees for the first time.

Please note that if you cannot make the live dates, the classes will be recorded so that you can view them at your leisure.

Interested? Enroll HERE! Or email me with questions!


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