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Sorry for the prolonged silence over here at Jewel Street. A lot has happened in the past week. So much, in fact that my body shut down over the weekend and I’ve been bedridden with a nasty cold…feverish, sore all over and in desperate need of hot & sour soup. I need to take better care of myself. I need to work smarter and make time to do nothing on occasion. Running myself ragged ends up being counter-productive in the long run.

Last week I had a really fun experience helping out a network tv show shooting their pilot. I’m hesitant to say much about the show itself, but when it airs I’ll make a big to do about it. What I will say is that the prop master and I worked together to come up with some pretty neat observation hives that would be filled with my bees and placed on set. The set just happened to be on a rooftop in DUMBO over looking the Manhattan Bridge and the lower Manhattan skyline. I got to talk bees with some actors and eat mountains of catered food….though most of the day was spent loading up bees and sitting around waiting.

We had to hoist the hives up through the hatch in my roof, which really had me on edge. I slept horribly the night before, wondering if my measurements were right and what to do if they were incorrect and the hives wouldn’t make it up to the roof.

My measurements were correct. We got them on the roof and my friend Chase and I got to work moving the bees into their temporary accommodations.

(The hives, and the hives. Ready to be filled and transported.)

Once we filled the hives up with bees, we lowered them back down the hatch and into a pick-up truck to haul off to the set. If that wasn’t enough to give me a heart attack, what happened next came close.


(At this point you can see that the insanity of the situation had finally become apparent to me.)

The hives were lifted up 5 stories by crane…


And set up overlooking this beautiful scene…

(Well, hello!)

To Be Continued….

(All photos courtesy of Chase Emmons)


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