Post Pie Contest: 1st Prize Sweet Goes to….

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I’m just going to be forthcoming: I’ve spent so much of the past month obsessing and stressing over this pie contest to raise funds for Growing Chefs that I don’t think I have the energy to muster talking about it much more. Fortunately for you all, when people demand information from me, I do my best to supply. I’m going to keep it short and sweet and list the winners from last night and then share their recipes throughout the week.

The 1st Place Sweet Prize went to an unexpected pie. Unassuming, seemingly simple at first glance, the contents of this pie plate were flavorful and balanced, all contained in an amazing buttery crust. The judges from Baked, Momofuku Milk Bar and Four & Twenty Blackbirds could all be heard over the bustling crowd groaning with contentment after their first bite. You might assume that the pie in question would be boiling over with chocolate fudge, salted caramel or some other rich and sensual ingredient but you would be incorrect.

The pie that won was a simple Shaker Lemon Pie! GASP!

(photo courtesy of the baker)

Made from thinly sliced and sugared fresh lemons (peel and all), this pie was baked by Gerald Gold from a recipe adapted from Smitten Kitchen. Reminiscent lemon curd or marmalade, the filling was appropriately tart and sweet and enrobed in a flaky-but-firm half butter, half shortening crust. The judges were pleased by the simplicity of the finished product and fresh, vibrant flavor it provided.

I definitely recommend trying out this recipe in the summertime (I plan to!). I can imagine this would be a perfect addition to a BBQ with a pitcher of iced sun tea! Great job, Gerald!




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