Still no power…

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I’m sitting at Carton Brewery right now…the closest place with power and wifi to where the farm is. The’ve been kind enough to open up their tasting room to neighbors to come juice up their devices and check email. It’s quite nice here, the air is filled with that boggy smell of wort bubbling. It’s warm, and the lights are on. I feel a bit feral in this room after a week of living in the dark, no music, no creature comforts save for a few woolen blankets and pots of bean and venison stew.

This week in darkness makes me realize that I am certainly no luddite. I miss the convenience of electricity and technology but I sure as shit would like it if I could come by it on my own terms, because counting on someone else to provide it for me is the pits!

Fingers crossed that I have power soon. My final manuscript for the bee book I’ve been working on for over a year is due. After that, I start figuring out how to avoid this sort of scenario in the future.


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