Give and Take

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This image was taken by Summer, the yoga instructor and all around nurturer here at the farm. I looked at this picture a couple of weeks after we lost a couple of goat kids to illness. I looked at it again today for a reminder that this whole life is a give and take. Most times, things around here are a joy. Life is abundant. It’s par for the course on the day-to-day. You get a bit spoilt by the richness of it all. When the bad times come along, you forget all of that and you feel like you’re just fucking it all up left and right. But it’s not so.

It’s balance. It’s real. It’s undeniably true. It’s alchemy! I’ve chosen a life that gives few chances to dodge punches, but I instead try to view hardships not as assaults to my being but instead nudges toward a transformation of some sort. It’s hard to guess where all of this will lead but I try to make the right choices when they are presented and learn from the mishaps. What else can one do besides let the punches propel them in the right direction?

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