Transitioning to Life on the Farm

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It’s approaching a week since Neil and I moved to Seven Arrows and while we won’t be completely settled in until the end of the month, we’re working hard to establish a routine and get out into the community to make connections and friends. We both moved here knowing no one, a daunting prospect for sure. Fortunately, Neil will be in NYC for work two days a week and can stay overnight to see some of our friends. I, on the other hand, an here most of the time, save for when I have classes to teach or bees to check. It has the potential to be very lonely for a spell. I’m a little worried about this, but I am optimistic that I’ll meet some fine folks around these parts to keep me feeling connected. After all, this isn’t the boondocks, it’s Rumson.


The next two weekends will be chock full of fun activities and opportunities to meet new people. This Saturday we will be visiting Freedom Star Farm in Bethlehem to see their Dwarf Nigerian goats. We will be getting a few does from their breeding lines sometime this Fall or Spring. I couldn’t be more excited about their addition to the farm. If you don’t know much about these little powerhouse dairy goats, you can read more about them HERE.


On Sunday, the Red Bank Farmer’s Market is where we will be, schmoozing, chatting up other farmers and getting some peaches to make some pie filling! New Jersey peaches and tomatoes are the best in the region, and I’ll be damned if I’m not going to take advantage of their availability!


In a few weeks we will be moving the livestock (with Stevie and Peach guarding) to the other side of the property, yoga retreats will commence and I’ll start announcing small workshops so that some of my NYC friends can come out and support the farm, see the critters and enjoy some of the gorgeous scenery around these parts. Stay tuned for that!

Have a great weekend, folks!


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