We’re all safe!

Posted November 2nd, 2012 by & filed under inthekitchen, livestock.

The past week has been unreal. We suffered nearly no significant losses or major damage on the farm. All the humans and animals of Seven

Sickness sweeping through.

Posted October 25th, 2012 by .

It's that time of year again, everybody. The temperature drops at night, the days are damp and before you know it your head feels like

Three goats in milk means….

Posted October 16th, 2012 by .

loads of homemade cheese and yogurt! (Too much dang milk!) Since the goats arrived at Seven Arrows, we've been receiving about 3 1/2 quarts of

The thing I like best about moving

Posted August 22nd, 2012 by .

Though I'm still half living out of boxes and have this perpetual feeling of confusion over which of the hundreds of tasks to tackle next,

Countdown to Farm Living: One Week

Posted July 21st, 2012 by .

I'll admit it. I'm having a hard time blogging right now. I can't find the words. It's not that I have nothing to talk about,