The Summer of Doing!

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I hope everyone out there had a great weekend filled with rest and relaxation and lots of good eating.

I’m back at my brooklyn homestead after a week of slinging feed, soil and seeds at Hayseed’s Big City Farm Supply and I’m excited to share with you all that the folks at Bing asked me to participate in their new campaign, The Summer of Doing!


The new Bing has a focus on getting folks out there to do the things they oftentimes read up on via web searches. One way they hope to get people inspired to actually DO is through social media integration of web searches. If your friends have input on a topic that you are researching, say where to get the best street food in Hong Kong you’ll be more interested in what your friends have to say about it and confident to get out there and do it!

Each week Bing will feature a new search term –something they want users to get inspired to go out and do. Each search unlocks the chance to win prizes, and learn about the new Bing in a fun, ever-changing way.

How to participate: Visit to search the daily word, share it with friends, and enter to win the week’s grand prize. ($1000 in goodies including a huge Skillshare credit, homebrew kits, a vertical gardening set and a cheese making kit!)

This week I’ll be the expert for the term DIY-ing! Each day will have topic related to DIY and ways you can be more self-sufficient. From beekeeping to canning, cheesemaking to homebrewing, every day this week will have special blog posts, giveaways, interviews, Instagram photos, Pinterest pinning, Foursquare tips, a Spotify playlist and expert tips from yours truly. We’ll even have a live beekeeping chat via Twitter at 5 p.m. tomorrow! (details to come)

Stay tuned for more fun DIY-ing news!! It’s going to be a wild week!



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