On Building on Building

Posted March 6th, 2012 by & filed under gardening, homeec.

Like for Meg, there's lots of hustle going on over my side of the fence. Work at the farm I manage, Brooklyn Grange, is ramping

Talkin’ Trash and Black Gold

Posted February 26th, 2012 by .

Between 2004 and 2005, the NYC Dept of Sanitation conducted a census of what was hiding in our trashcans and recycling bins: The New York

This is what I aspire to…

Posted February 22nd, 2012 by .

Check out a great video from FairCompanies.com on this lovely couple getting by on their own grit, ingenuity and hard work. This makes me miss

Gardening for Transients

Posted February 21st, 2012 by .

In spite of my impending move to Locust in August, I still plan on gardening this season same as I ever did. I'll only make

Recent Happenings

Posted February 8th, 2012 by .

I'm not sure I can adequately articulate the strain I've put myself under for the past 6 months. It's been brutal. My desire to pile

Online Vegetable Gardening 101!

Posted February 6th, 2012 by .

Well, my beekeeping 101 online class went over nicely (students, expect the final recorded session shortly) so I've decided to add a class for those