Raising Rabbits in the Colony-style

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Rabbits are a polarizing sort of livestock. People see them as either cuddly pets or farm animals, more often the former. We've had folks visit

Farm Building Progress!

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It's hard to believe it, but this farm is nearly built! An amazing team of people have amassed to see this thing done. It hasn't

Three goats in milk means….

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loads of homemade cheese and yogurt! (Too much dang milk!) Since the goats arrived at Seven Arrows, we've been receiving about 3 1/2 quarts of

The goats are here!

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Farmer Cindy and her 10 year old daughter Athena travelled down to NJ from the Catskills in a borrowed step van. In the the back

Yet another dose of reality.

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Real talk. Starting a farm is damn hard, and not for the reasons that you think. You plan and plan and if you are foolish